Working in real estate is about building trust. As an agent, you want clients to feel confident and at ease throughout the entire process of buying or selling property. Social media is a fantastic tool to market your real estate business. But choosing the right online content for your brand can be difficult, especially with so many real estate agencies competing for attention.

Stand out on social media by finding the key content opportunities to include in your digital marketing strategy. We highlight 5 online content themes real estate businesses can use to enhance their reach and engagement on social media.

Empower audiences with buyer advice

Navigating the property market can be confusing for buyers. By offering real estate advice, tips and insights into the process, you’ll position your business as experts in the field.

Think about what questions clients commonly raise with your team and provide solutions for buyers. Speak to a specific demographic, such as first home buyers or downsizers to keep your advice relevant and targeted.

Key real estate mistakes to avoid 

As real estate professionals, you know the best tactics to succeed in the property market. Educate your audience on social media by sharing content that reveals the key mistakes clients should avoid.

Target property pain points to tap into the needs of your audience. Consider topics such as why homes don’t sell, how to effectively market your home for sale and strategies for selling an investment property.

How to find the perfect agent 

Choosing the right real estate agent can be a daunting task for sellers. Demonstrate the skills and expertise of your team by highlighting key points of difference in your business.

Describe the key criteria sellers should consider when selecting an agent to sell their property. Offer a list of questions clients should ask to find the right real estate agent for their needs.

Consider what principles and values make your real estate agents unique and use this to assert your competitive advantage via your online content.

Lifestyle tips and tricks 

Selling a property is all about depicting an aspirational lifestyle. Brainstorm a broad range of lifestyle topics that will spark audience interest on social media.

Cleaning tips, DIY tutorials, entertaining or styling advice are great subjects to grab the attention of potential clients. Custom graphics and Instagram Stories are ideal ways to showcase these tips and allows you to share content that is visually rich and engaging.

Interviews with real estate experts

Your office is filled with real estate experts, so take advantage of this goldmine of information! Shoot a quick Q&A video with a team member about a commonly asked question or their area of expertise in real estate.

Showcasing the knowledge and experience of your agents will break down trust barriers with potential clients. Plus, video content consistently performs well on social media and will to help boost your content’s engagement and reach.

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