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4 Reasons Why No One Likes Your Facebook Content

Sharing content on Facebook is not as simple as it once was. With over 2 billion active users on the platform, many businesses are surprised to see a decline in the engagement on their Facebook content.

In 2018, Facebook has rolled out several platform updates that have made a significant impact on Facebook Business Pages. The platform is shifting towards genuine content in the News Feed, preferencing content shared by user’s friends and family over companies and businesses.

If your Business Page is seeing a decline in engagement, it may be time to revise your social media strategy. We reveal the most common mistakes made by companies on Facebook and the simple steps you can take to foster authentic engagement with your audience!


Facebook is now a “pay-for-play” social media platform. Essentially, this means your posts won’t be seen unless you add budget to promote your content.

The good news is that advertising on Facebook doesn’t require a huge budget. Adding a small amount of money to boost your content will amplify your efforts on Facebook.

Re-allocating a portion of your existing marketing budget to Facebook Ads is an extremely cost-effective strategy that will help to grow your brand’s presence online.


With so many users on the Facebook platform, directing your content to the right audience is essential. Maximise your efforts on Facebook by creating custom audiences.

Simply log into Facebook Ads Manager and create a Custom Audience using your existing database file. Leveraging these contacts ensures you are reaching an interested audience who are more likely to engage with the Facebook content you share.

Make every dollar you spend on Facebook advertising go further by creating niche audiences. Create audiences that target your core specialty suburbs to share content directly to Facebook users in your local area.


If no one is liking your Facebook posts, you may need to adjust the type of posts you’re sharing. Consider the needs and pain-points of your audience and create content to address these concerns.

Answer commonly asked questions, sharing tips and blog articles are easy ways to inspire action from Facebook users. Use engaging professional imagery, clever copy and adding a call to action to every caption will maximise audience engagement on Facebook.


Knowing when your audience is online is essential to increasing engagement on Facebook. Posting content at the wrong time is a common mistake that will significant impact your efforts on the platform.

Look at your analytics to track when users engage with your Facebook posts. Create a spreadsheet that indicates the best posting times for each day of the week and refer to this when scheduling content.

Learning the behaviours of your audience is essential to increase the likes, comments and shares on your Facebook content.

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