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A Day In The Life Of A Digital Agency

For those working outside the digital space, it can be hard to grasp what a digital agency does. At Chronicle Republic, we help real estate and interiors professionals bring their brand’s story to life. Essentially, we are experts in social media and digital marketing with a fine-tuned understanding of these specialised industries.

On a day-to-day basis, a digital agency will manage the social media accounts, websites and blogs of both ourselves and our clients. We work closely with our clients to create and share content that speaks specifically to their business goals and strategy.

Want to know what a day working at a digital agency like Chronicle Republic looks like? We reveal what steps we take every day to deliver engaging digital content that resonates with our client’s audience.


Social media is all about fostering relationships. Our team begin and end their day with a thorough social media check of every account we manage to attend to any messages, comments and feedback our clients receive. It is important these responses are timely, and queries are addressed as soon as possible.

Setting aside time to engage with other users is essential to building strong online communities. By checking the social media feeds of all our clients regularly, we can also keep on top of industry news and trends that may be useful for future content posts.


Every Monday morning, we gather together as a team to strategise our plan for the week ahead. This meeting allows us to delegate tasks and establish priorities for each team member, ensuring our workflow is structured and efficient.

Creative strategy sessions are another important meeting for the Chronicle Republic team. Brainstorming new ideas and discussing software changes allows our team to stay ahead of digital trends and continually improve the service we deliver to our clients.


Preparation is key to success on social media. Every month, we put together a content calendar for each client that plans out our social media efforts for the next four weeks. Scheduling posts in advance ensure we are sharing content consistently in line with each client’s bespoke social media strategy.

During our client’s initial strategy session, we learn the goals and values that inform their business. When creating each monthly content calendar, we refer to this strategy document to ensure the tone, themes and types of content we select speak to these brand objectives.

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To get the best results from our efforts, we develop tailored social ad campaigns for each client. In our initial strategy sessions, we develop the audience each business wishes to target using key demographic indicators such as age, gender and location.

From here, we boost content and create social ads targeted specifically to these users. We monitor the performance of campaigns regularly and make changes to optimise their results.

Social ads data is used in our month end reports, delivered to each client during their monthly catch-up meeting. Tracking analytics ensure we know what content is performing best and what posts receive the most engagement.


Audiences respond best to content that is visually exciting. Platforms like Instagram and Snapchat are based on images and video, allowing users to consume content in a purely visual manner.

Custom graphics are essential to the social media strategy we deliver for every client. Using branded colours and fonts, our team produce graphics that repurpose quotes, statistics and industry information. This allows us to creatively share information and establish our client’s as experts in their field.

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Blogs are a fantastic way to share long-form content online. Our team produce blog for our clients by researching topics that are current, interesting and relevant to their audience.

We consult with each client to develop blog topics to best suit their business goals and objectives. From here, we write copy, source imagery and publish these posts to each website. It’s essential to share and promote these blogs on social media to ensure their content reaches as many eyeballs as possible!

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