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In a world dominated by our Facebook feed, Instagram likes and LinkedIn connections, knowing how to make the most of your online presence is non-negotiable. But each industry is different, and with no foolproof way to sort out your socials, knowing what content works for you can feel impossible. However, if you’re a real estate agent, then you’re in luck. We think we might have uncovered what top posts agents should be making, and why. Read on to find out what they are!


What better way to promote your work than by showcasing your results? With majority of individuals finding word-of-mouth marketing the most reliable source of referral these posts do wonders for your public image. Show, don’t tell. Let your clients speak for you, make sure they share their experience throughout the process and include the elements of your service they most enjoyed, rather than just the result. This humanises your social media platforms and creates a sense of credibility.

Personal Branding

Nothing’s worse than a dry, or overtly corporate feed. This makes your followers feel disconnected from your content. Avoid this by injecting your personality into your branding; create a space that mixes your interests with your services, and the content becomes easier to engage with. If you are struggling to do this, try spotlighting what you enjoy doing in your free time or perhaps even your own personal achievements in the field. The goal of these posts is purely to connect on a personal level, so candid shots of you and your team are always received well.

Local – Lifestyle and Business

Demonstrate your love of local life by supporting the community. This is a great way to show your knowledge, proving that you are the expert in the area. Try to use these posts to highlight businesses, events and locals that are making waves. This is fantastic if you are looking to connect with local businesses and show your genuine interest in the community you service.

Behind the scenes

Let your audience be a part of your daily routine by sharing fun snapshots of a day in the life. Try posting team meetings, or show your excitement after a successful sale with a ‘happy buyers’ post. Whatever the situation might be, it’s important to give people a glimpse into what you do behind the scenes. This makes your services more relatable, whilst encouraging followers to take more personal interest in your profile. Showcasing what you do behind the scenes is a brilliant way to educate clients about your service and what is involved in order to deliver more value.

Property Tips

Keep your followers informed by giving regular market updates and property related information. These insights will position you as an agent that’s in the know! It also adds further value to your page as a great source of educating your customers. By sharing knowledge this will make the selling, leasing and buying process easier and more streamlined. Not to mention, there’s nothing more persuasive than presenting yourself as an industry expert!

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