Experiencing writer’s block? You’re not alone. Luckily for you, we’re here to share some tried and true methods to help you get those creative juices flowing! So, if you’ve found yourself sitting at the keyboard with no idea where to start here’s our 5 tips for generating blog ideas.

Trending topics

Trending topics are a sure-fire way to reach a wider audience and capture their clicks while you’re at it! Content based on ideas, news or general concepts that are already generating their own buzz form the basis of blogs that promote themselves. You won’t need to worry about persuading people to read it, as they are already interested in the topic. But the best part would have to be the treasure trove of readily available information. This is thanks to the active conversations surrounding them, making researching what to write easier. However, though it all sounds like pros there’s one thing to be aware of! Avoid feeding into false information. Where there is discussion, there will often be a lot of conflicting perspectives. If you are going to write a blog, make sure you come from an informed, professional point of view.

Frequently asked questions

If you’re lucky enough to already have a loyal readership, ask your followers what they would like to hear about next. Take note of any frequently asked questions too. Whatever your method, try to think about what your audience would be most interested in learning.


When in doubt, Google is your best friend. Look up important news in your industry, or what the most common misconceptions people might have regarding your area of expertise. If all else fails go to the competition and see if their work sparks some blog ideas of your own. Dive deep into the web and make sure to read widely on the topic. Once you feel confident that you have the basics covered, look up past articles covering this topic. This is a great way to consider a few perspectives before forging your own.

Review your own content

Have you ever retraced your steps to jog your memory? Why not do the same with your writing! Look at your old content and try to determine where the next logical step would be. If you had some particularly successful blog ideas, try to focus on a related idea. Or take a more focused approach to a topic you have previously covered generally, with more specific details and greater technically analysis. For outdated information consider doing an updated blog, or even a part 2 and turning this topic into a series.

Monitor keywords

A quick and effective way to brainstorm some ideas comes from keywords. If you’ve been making the most of your SEO you should be able to track which keywords on your site are the most popular. How will you know? Simply by looking at what’s being searched for and which ones are getting the best engagement. After you have a list of terms to work with, try mapping them out to see if any relationships can be drawn. Hopefully this process will help spark some creativity!

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