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How To Create Customer Delight Through Service Excellence

The shift to digital networking and communication means face-to-face service interactions with customers are becoming less frequent. We are increasingly connecting with each other solely online, operating in an oversaturated market of competing voices and information.

Now more than ever, businesses need to recognise the importance of great customer service. Your customers are surrounded with an overwhelming variety of products and services, making it easy for your brand to get lost in the noise.

Making a profound and lasting impact on your audience is crucial to stand out and means going the extra mile with service excellence. We asked Georgia Harley, founder of the speciality corporate gift giving service GIGI AUSTRALIA to reveal her expert advice on how to deliver exceptional service to your customers.


Making your mark on your customers means taking the time to get to know who they are. By creating a tailored approach, you can treat your customers as individuals and ensure that their specific needs are met by your business.

Georgia explains that when creating GIGI AUSTRALIA, “we saw a gap in the market for providing corporate clients with unique and customised premium gifts.” As such, Georgia met this need by sourcing sustainable, artisanal and luxury items to fit the preferences and desires of her clients.

Business thrives when their customers feel acknowledged and appreciated by brands in a meaningful way. By offering services that are flexible and accommodating to the changing needs of your customers, your business will be in the best position to maintain a strong ongoing connection with your clients.

Custom Gifts by GIGI AUSTRALIA



Like any other marketing strategy, service should be a big priority for your business. By putting attention towards the ways you can best serve your customers, you’ll be sure to keep your clients coming back time and time again.

“A gift is a marketing tool,” explains Georgia, “and we help our clients to be remembered and stay at the front of people’s minds.”. Break away from your competitors and develop a strong company ethos that encourages positive and proactive relationships with your customers.

Just as you would develop any other marketing strategy, spend time with your team creating tactics for delivering service excellence. See every interaction as a potential opportunity, and solidify your customer’s brand loyalty with acts of generosity and kindness.

Custom Gifts by GIGI AUSTRALIA



Exceptional customer service ensures your clients think of your business in positive terms. By making the effort to ask thoughtful questions, you’ll be able to deliver an exceptional experience to your clients every time.

Customers value honesty and authenticity and are more likely to recommend your business to their networks if they hold a positive association with your brand. GIGI AUSTRALIA uses this ethos to inform their business structure, as Georgia reveals, “to us, being flexible and accommodating to our clients’ needs is always a priority. If our client needs a last minute ‘Thank You’ gift basket delivered overnight to their high-value customer, we will make it happen”.

Custom Gifts by GIGI AUSTRALIA



The work you do today impacts the opportunities open to you tomorrow. Through customer service, you can build trust and friendly rapport that will serve you well in future transactions to come.

Consider what steps you can take to leave this lasting impression on your customers. It might be as simple as sending an email gift voucher to clients on their birthday or even taking the time to ask them how their day has been at the start of every phone call.

Georgia believes “it’s those highly-thought out and personalised gifts that are engrained with you forever,” explaining it’s that extra attention to detail that encourages continuous word of mouth referrals.

Thinking of arranging a gift for your client? GIGI AUSTRALIA is offering a FREE GIFT with every copy of their current corporate gift hamper catalogue requested, for Chronicle Republic readers. Get in touch by emailing your details to hello@gigiaustralia.com.

Founder of GIGI AUSTRALIA, Georgia Harley


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