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How To Effectively Use Hashtags On Social Media

Visibility is crucial to success on social media. Connecting with your audience means producing great content that is timely, eye-catching and consistent. To ensure your posts get seen, it’s important to understand the best tools to foster brand awareness and engagement.

Hashtags work to categorise and label content across all social media networks. They help make your content discoverable to new eyes by generating feeds of related posts for users to explore. Hashtags connect brands and users based on common themes and can help expand your reach and increase social shares.

Unsure how to include hashtags into your social marketing strategy? We demystify the process by explaining how hashtags filter content, the importance of using trending hashtags and why you need to tailor hashtags to each social media channel.


Let’s begin by looking at the basic principles behind social media hashtags. Essentially, hashtags are keywords and phrases that index and categorise content on social networks.

When browsing platforms, users can click on these hashtags to find pages of aggregated content. What makes hashtags useful on social media are their ability to make related content easy to search and discover.

Creating and using hashtags means finding terms that are simple, relevant and easy to remember. Selecting short, precise and simple phrases help audiences to clearly understand the topic of conversation, thereby increasing the likelihood of user engagement.

Look at what hashtags are being used by similar brands, and consider using these in your digital strategy. Make sure these hashtags are specific to the target market you’re trying to attract. Remember, the more targeted your hashtags the more powerful they will be in generating reach and engagement on social media.


Social media is continually changing, with new content constantly being shared online. Using hashtags effectively requires brands to stay in touch and up-to-date with the latest news in their industry.

Trending hashtags allow you to join existing conversations about popular topics and increase brand visibility. Think of hashtags like a keyword search, and find popular tags that resonate specifically with your brand.

Ensure hashtags are relevant and timely by finding terms with real-time currency. Consider searching for hashtags related to events and conferences, holidays, popular cultural topics and even popular hashtags for certain days of the week.


Hashtags use differs greatly between social media channels. It’s critical to understand the requirements of each platform to maximise your results.

When it comes to Twitter, posts with one or two carefully selected hashtags generate the most engagement. With a short 140-character limit, focus on including hashtags that are succinct and highly targeted.

Instagram uses hashtags to collect related photos in one stream. Although comments can include up to 30 hashtags, aim to include only the most relevant hashtags that resonate directly with your brand. Be selective with hashtags on Instagram to help build strong bonds and personal connections with your audience.

Across all platforms, keep in mind the spelling of all hashtags you associate with your brand. Avoid any unwanted misinterpretations by capitalising the first letter of each word, and carefully check the content of hashtag streams prior to use. These steps will help your brand stand out for the right reasons, and keep your audience niche and united.

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