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The Instagram Algorithm That Changes the Game

It is no secret that Instagram has been rapidly developing as the preferred social media platform for users to engage with since it’s 2010 origin. With 500 million active users, it is now listed as the second most popular social media networking tool, second only to its cousin platform Facebook.

June 2018 has seen the combination of Instagram’s best and brightest providing us with the secret formula that everyone has been waiting for: the nitty gritty clockwork behind the #selfies and #sunsets showing in your feed. Instagram’s recent product lead announced the algorithm that will change your Instagram feed, personalising the content you see and prioritising the posts you engage with most.

This fresh new algorithm will be implemented based on three core elements: Interest, Timeliness, and Relationships. Let us break this down for you.

Core Factor Number One: INTEREST

Do you prefer image content, or video content? Text graphics or landscape imagery? You don’t know the answer? Don’t worry! Instagram will soon determine this for you. The algorithm will establish your interest in an individual post by factoring in the level of engagement you have had with similar content in the past. This aspect of the algorithm will use Instagram’s evolving image recognition tools to facilitate content that you don’t even realise you’re engaging with. Instagram will be giving you what you want, without you even realising.

Core Factor Number Two: TIMELINESS

Step aside reverse chronological feed and make way for the new timeliness feature! TechCrunch, after attending this product lead event, has confirmed the new ‘You’re All Caught Up – You’ve seen all new posts from the past 48 hours’ feature that will be implemented in the algorithm update. This means you will be able to scroll completely to the bottom of your feed, ensuring you never miss a travel picture, a morning coffee post, or a beautiful landscape image again.

Core Factor Number Three: RELATIONSHIPS

Your relationship with the post creator can significantly impact the content you will be seeing in your feed. Based off how much you have engaged with that user in the past, factoring in the amount of comments, likes, messages, and post tags you have shared, that users posts will take priority in your new Instagram feed.

So, there you have it! The three core factors the new Instagram algorithm will bring to your news feed.

Beyond these three factors, here is a quick break down of three additional signals that will influence your rankings:

Frequency – how often you open Instagram. The algorithm will show you the best content since you have visited last, which will vary depending on the frequency of your scrolling time.

Following – the more people you follow, the more content there is to get through! You may see less of specific people, and more of what Instagram classifies as relevant for you.

Usage ­– the amount of time you spend on Instagram determines whether you’re just seeing the best posts during short sessions, or whether you’re digging deeper in the Instagram catalog by spending more total time browsing.

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