Social media apps are constantly rolling out new features to keep their audiences engaged and help create a platform for creators that allows their creative juices to flow. Instagram has recently launched one such exciting feature called ‘Reels’. Set to become the new biggest feature for content creators and social media enthusiasts, Reels allows you to record short clips of 15 seconds and add your choice of audio along with a range of creative visual effects.

The feature was rolled out in countries like Brazil, France, Germany and India a few months ago and it is officially available now in over 50 countries. Similarly to TikTok, it allows for short video content to be shared and provides a new platform for digital creators to create engaging videos and be discovered by the wider Instagram community.


Reels can be found on the Story feature or in the Explore section of Instagram. You can start creating by clicking the Reels option at the bottom of the Instagram camera with several creative editing tools to be used for the reel. The audio feature allows users to select a song from the Instagram music library and choose which part of the song they want to use. Another option is to choose your own audio recording called original audio. The original audio from your reel can be used by other Instagram users if your account is public.

Another tool is the Effects which includes various options in the gallery created by both users and Instagram, allowing creators to make use of fun visuals for their short clips. There is a timer and countdown to record the clips and you can also align objects from your other clips to create seamless transitions when you decide to change a few things in the frame. You can even play around with the speed of the audio and video to create different styles of content.


Once the reel is ready to be shared you can save it as a draft and change the cover image as well as add captions, hashtags and tag people. There will be a separate Reels tab on the personal profile where people can view your shared reels. Users can decide to share their reel on their Instagram feeds with the option to remove it from the main grid. You can decide to share your reel on the regular Story feature where it will disappear after 24 hours.

Instagram automatically shares a reel on the Explore page if the account is public. Users will receive a notification if their reel gets featured by Instagram in Explore to help inspire other creators out there.

It is yet to be determined whether Reels will take on competitor apps and become the biggest platform for entertaining short form video content. We will have to just wait and watch how this exciting new feature plays out in the digital space on one of the largest social networking platforms.

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