Latest Updates To Social Media Platforms

Social media is an everchanging landscape. As platforms race to stay ahead of the latest trends, it’s crucial to remain in touch with the latest updates to each social media channel.

As digital marketing experts, we work with these social media platforms daily. We recognise the importance of keeping our finger on the pulse of these updates to ensure our content receives optimal reach and engagement.

Read on to discover the latest updates to Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn, and learn how to incorporate these new tools into your social media strategy.



Instagram has just announced the addition of clickable hashtags and links to user’s accounts for all Instagram profiles bios. These new links will revolutionise the way audiences navigate the platform, increasing the usability and functionality of user profiles.

Simply click on your Instagram profile, tap ‘Edit Profile’ and navigate to the bio section. Here you’ll be able to activate this new functionality by typing a ‘#’ or ‘@’ symbol.

The main advantage of this latest update is to encourage linking and boost in-app discovery on the Instagram platform. Think about the keywords that relate to your brand or service and include hashtags to target these terms.

Create branded tags to sort and categorise your posts. Showcase the range of services you offer in your bio with bespoke hashtags and direct users to these tags at every opportunity.


Instagram has just released new controls related to recipients replaying images or video sent via direct messages. Users will be able to decide whether images and video shared in a private message can be viewed repeatedly or just on a one-off basis.

We predict users will feel an added sense of confidence when reaching out to businesses on Instagram, knowing they are able to establish boundaries around the information and content they share.

Instagram’s new privacy controls are helping to build trust between users on the platform, encouraging personalised communications that foster one-to-one relationships. 


Facebook has faced global media attention in recent weeks following the Cambridge Analytica debacle, seeing the improper use of Facebook data of over 50 million users*. The revelation has caused Facebook shares to drop significantly and even sparked fears the platform may cease to operate.

Nevertheless, the platform remains one of the key social media channels for businesses to connect and interact with audiences online. Facebook continues to address these privacy concerns by rolling out significant reforms and platform updates to enhance user’s experience.

*Source: Tech Crunch, 2018.


One of the most significant changes to the Facebook platform in 2018 has been the shift towards genuine content in the News Feed.

In January 2018, Mark Zuckerberg announced the platform will be helping users to “have more meaningful social interactions” by giving preference content shared by user’s friends and family over businesses, marketers or news outlets.

This has forced businesses to rethink their efforts on Facebook as posts will no longer receive any organic reach on the platform. Business pages must now allocate budget to every post they share on the platform to reach the News Feeds of their target audience.

Boosting content with a small budget will ensure your content still appears in front of your intended audience on Facebook. Looking to amplify your efforts and enhance the reach of your content? Learn how to convert online audiences into paying customers and generate leads on social media.


The latest updates to the Facebook algorithm all stem from the platform’s desire to move away from passive engagement. With many users simply scrolling through never-ending feeds of auto-playing video and image content, Facebook is changing the way it preferences content in the News Feed to encourage deep engagement.

Facebook aims to generate meaningful and authentic conversations by prioritising posts from brands that generate active engagement. Content that inspires users to share, comment and connect with others will make its way to the top of the News Feed.

Adding a call to action in your post captions as well as replying to user comments to generate conversation will increase the reach of your posts on the Facebook platform.



For businesses and professionals wanting to share their success online, LinkedIn is a fantastic social media platform. Over the past four years, LinkedIn’s Publishing tools have undergone tremendous evolution.

In 2018, the platform’s native posting functionality allows users to publish articles and video content directly to their personal LinkedIn profile. Uploading long-form content to LinkedIn Publishing enables users to showcase their expertise to their network of professional connections.

Currently, this feature is still limited to personal profiles, with company pages yet to see this feature introduced. Establish yourself as an industry leader by regularly publishing articles and video content with LinkedIn Publishing.

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