Have you recently realised the power of social media? Fantastic, you’re on the right track. Don’t have any idea what content could create a lucrative community for you to leverage? That’s the tricky part. Property managers must understand the necessity in utilising social media to reach prospective buyers! However, knowing the best way to remain engaging, approachable, yet credible can be a difficult tightrope to walk. But have no fear the Chronicle Republic Team are here!

Without further ado let’s break down the kind of content you should be incorporating into your feed today.


Want to create content that presents your expert team in the best light? Then make the most of client feedback! Reviews and recommendations are two forms of word of mouth marketing, that can drastically impact your brand’s reputation. Majority of individuals find their peers the most reliable source of information, particularly when it comes to services. By showcasing success stories and happy clients your customers speak for you. Now your brand’s image rests on more than just promises.

Market Updates and Suburb Spotlights

Market updates encapsulate everything from market conditions, to most sought after property configurations. Consequently, by positioning yourself as a channel for marketplace discussions you have created an effective way to standout from your competitors. When looking to enter the market buyers want to make informed decisions. By providing them with a source of clear, accessible and relevant information you will be the go to platform to help them stay on top of all their property needs, whilst strengthening the credibility of your profile. Suburb spotlights are a great way to give tentative potential tenants a push in the right direction. These spotlights should centre on offering a snapshot of local life, investor return, and your expertise in the area.

Company Promotion

Do you have an open day or auction just around the corner? Great, now’s the time to post about it. Often the lead up can be just as exciting as the event itself. That’s why property managers should avail of their upcoming listing and auctions. Utilise social media to create some hype surrounding these dates. By letting your audience know something big is coming they will be informed about when to visit your page, where your auctions are, and what you will be up to well ahead of time. Keeping your audience in the loop with these sneak peeks forges a stronger relationship with your existing followers as it gives them an incentive to keep tabs on you on a regular basis. The purpose of company promotion shouldn’t be selling your properties, but rather communicating the competitive advantages and achievements your team has recently secured. Here is the best place to establish a sense of branding through logos, colours, and staple imagery.

Behind the Scenes

Now that you’ve established yourself as a credible and informative platform, how do you establish lasting connections? By making your account personable! This is achievable by showing what daily life is for the people behind the brand. Showcase your team, whether it be through a day in the life updates, internal training sessions, or ‘meet the team’ posts for your agents. Popular content tends to revolve around team celebrations and meetings, as they evoke a sense of transparency in your dealings. This is paramount in building genuine human connections.

Seasonal Topics

General community engagement and outreach shouldn’t be overlooked. Posts centred on local community events, upcoming holidays or well wishes to clients set a warm and welcoming tone for your platform. But be careful! Ensure all these posts resonate with your audience by remaining relevant to the geographical and demographic following of your page. Why should property managers create dialogue around seasonal topics? In doing this you position your agency as an intrinsic feature of the local community lifestyle, breaking down the cold company barriers between property managers and potential clientele.


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