Communicate regularly with your clients on a universal channel that is built for conversion


Don't overlook email marketing as an important part of the marketing mix. Email is one of the highest converting marketing methods and imperative for driving customer acquisition, retention and conversion.

Social media and content marketing are powerful tools that are an important part of the marketing mix too but email has the ability to close the deal and make that sale for you.

We can create, design and code branded email marketing templates for you, help you distribute your emails consistently, create professional and interesting email content that gets attention, build your email list and analyse results from email marketing.

How can email marketing help you grow your business?


Build a list of loyal brand advocates

Increase the number of potential customers on your database

Strengthen your relationship with current and new customers

Move prospects along the sales pipeline

Generate sales and convert your prospects to customers

Have more control over your audience and database


billion people will use email by 2020

How can we help you with email marketing?


Chronicle Republic specialises in email marketing for real estate and interiors professionals – we truly understand your business and customers needs. We create content that is meaningful, engaging and enticing and gives you the edge over your competitors.

Our Approach to Email Marketing


We tailor a strategy for your business objectives and focus

Audit and assess your current email strategy

Create beautiful branded email templates for you

Help you get set up with an email distribution platform that works

Create a schedule of regular email content that strives to achieve your business goals

Create segmented audiences, personalised emails and email automation flows

Manage your email lists and clean up your database

Help you maintain email best practice

Report on results and consult on ongoing strategy and direction

Email Marketing

Chronicle Republic has a range of cost effective digital marketing packages to help you bring your brand’s story to life. We can also provide a bespoke solution tailored to suit your individual needs.