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Social Media Sensis Breakdown 2018

It is no secret that having a social media presence in 2018 is an essential element in building rapport with potential clients and in turn building your business.

So, do you want a social media breakdown? The Sensis Social Media Report 2018 brings you the statistics and trends revealed after the assessment of small businesses and consumers over a 12 month period. We know this sounds like a lot of information, so we have summarised it for you below!

Grab a cup of tea, and get ready for some cold hard numbers.

CALLING ALL CONSUMERS OF SOCIAL MEDIA – these are the statistics for you.

Sixty percent of Australians use the internet more than five times a day. The average number of internet-enabled devices owned is 3.5 and, on average, social media users mentioned four reasons for social networking; the catch up with family and friends (85%), to share photos or videos (46%), for news and current affairs (36%) and to watch videos (32%).

As online shopping is becoming second nature, 68% of us read online reviews and blogs before making the purchase, averaging at eight reviews prior to making a decision. 33% of us will check out a brand’s social media presence before making our first online purchase.

With one in five social media consumers owning a wearable device like an Apple Watch or Fit-Bit, evening use is the most favoured time for users to consume social media, followed closely by first thing in the morning.

Twitter continues to have the highest drop off rate, contrasting against the average Facebook user spending a huge 10 hours a week on the site. Although millennials are identified as key Facebook users, 61% of parents claim to restrict their child’s social media usage.

Are you one of the 74% of people using a smartphone to access social media? With one in three of us admitting to reacting to something online we later found out to be untrue, it’s important to fact check and get your online information from credible sources.

BUSINESS OWNERS – this is your time to shine.

These are the results of 1,100 Australian businesses surveyed. Business with a social media presence has hit an all-time high, we are thrilled to tell you, it’s not slowing down anytime soon.

Are you boosting your content online? Almost half of spend on social media is allocated to advertising, with more than half of small and medium business having a large social media presence.

Having a business social media presence has reached the highest level ever recorded, with daily status updating decreasing as Facebook’s algorithm shifts and develops.

With Instagram advertising approaching Facebook in popularity, it is currently used by 10% of small businesses, 22% of medium businesses, and 30% of large businesses.

Very few businesses expect to reduce their social media expenditure in the coming 12 months, and those who do emphasise that it is much more likely to be an increase than a decrease.

So there you have it, our social media breakdown. We are excited for the future of social media, and would love to hear from you if you feel the same. Connect with us at @chroniclerepublic, or #chroniclerepublic all of your social media queries – we would love to hear them.

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