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It is no secret that spring is traditionally the busiest selling season in real estate. The sun is coming out, the smell of blooming flowers is in the air, and the buyers are hot to trot. But how can real estate agents best leverage this busy time from a marketing point of view. If you want to get on a selling streak as hot as the weather, it’s time to properly utilise your social media channels! Read on to uncover the four digital elements you should use to maximise your spring selling momentum.  

Live content

Making the most of live content is crucial. Give your followers a behind the scenes sneak peek with regular Facebook and Instagram stories. The more engaging and personal your content, the more authentic your profile will be. This is the number one way to ensure consistent interaction and active participation from your online community. Why is this? Simply because it allows followers to feel more involved with the process, leading them to see you as a more authentic and trustworthy source. Of course, still make sure it is of value. There is no point putting up live content if it isn’t curated or properly thought out.

Keep boosting

It is incredibly important to put money into your posts. This will get them seen by a larger audience beyond those following you. Putting in some extra money during spring selling season will help you take advantage of, and expose your services to people who may be more receptive than usual. Don’t neglect the possibility of running Facebook Ad Campaigns during this period. Consider promoting a recent award win, such as ‘Sales Agent of The Year.’ Many of the real estate awards are announced in September so winners shouldn’t shy away from showcasing their successes!

Market Updates

Market updates can cover a variety of things from suburb profiles, to current market conditions such as vacancy rates, yield percentages and days on market. However, it can also be broad content such as the hottest property features or general feedback. Weekly video updates on social media can keep locals informed about traction and activity in the marketplace. Agents can double down on this with a weekly newsletter featuring this video too. By providing them with a source of clear, accessible, and relevant information you will be the go-to platform for their questions.


Who doesn’t love a good competition? Spark excitement on your platforms by announcing a competition. Make sure to announce only individuals who are members of your email list or have liked your social media pages are eligible to claim a prize! Spring is the perfect time to launch a competition. With more buyers and sellers coming through open houses at this time of year, leverage this extra exposure by getting them on your lists. Give away something each month to encourage new subscribers and likers. Be creative when it comes to what’s on offer and make sure to promote it at your open houses.

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