Nothing is more fulfilling than having done a job well. Except maybe getting that work acknowledged by your peers! If you’ve been working hard but don’t know how to get the exposure you want it’s time you look into applying for some industry accolades. As daunting as the prospect may sound, the process is surprisingly simple. Creating an award winning submission balances on a flawless application. Easier said than done, right?

If you want to know the secret to successfully securing yourself an industry award look no further than this week’s blog post.

The Timing’s Right

The trick to creating an award winning submission is staying ahead of your competition. That’s why knowing how you stack up against other submissions is your primary concern. If you have an amazing achievement you think deserves attention, assess the pool of contenders. Are there similar submissions? Do they have stronger results or case studies to support their application? If you are unsure of how you measure up you’re not prepared. Optimal timing is everything. This means your focus should be on entering in a year you know you have a fresh, exciting and unique submission.

Staying Relevant 

A surefire way to stay on top is to keep a close eye on what the application is looking for. This is generally easy to do, provided you keep your answers strictly on track with what the questions are actually asking. This might sound straight forward but it is a cardinal rule many applicants ignore. Don’t worry we know it’s tempting to go on a tangent regarding unrelated yet impressive facts. However, this wins you no bonus points and will essentially hurt your chances. The questions have been created for a reason. They are the criteria judges will be assessing. Consequently, your priority should be to answer them with as much accuracy and clarity as possible.

Keep It Eye Catching

Ever heard of dressing to impress? Your application is no exception! Curating a captivating visual aspect to your application is somewhere you can stand out. Try to incorporate videos or well designed supporting imagery. Developing a design theme is paramount. Essentially this means you have ensured consistency in your choice of colours, fonts and graphics. The more attention to detail, the more polished and professional your submission appears.

Perfect Precision 

Congratulations you’ve got a fresh, flawless presented application! But what’s that, a spelling mistake? Don’t let the little things drag down your chances of having a winning submission. Ensure you have proof read your work a number of times. It might be a good idea to get a couple of friends to review your final application before sending it off. Nothing is worse than letting something silly ruin an otherwise strong submission. Once you know the grammar, spelling, tone and presentation are picture perfect only then is it time to press send.

Facts First

Don’t forget to support your work with facts! Data and clear figures are your friends. Why? Simply because it makes your success measurable. Consequently, it becomes easier for judges to assess the scale of your achievements. If you are thinking of entering a marketing competition show your reports on your social media and marketing. Showcase any increases you have experienced in reach, exposure and followers. Including any numerical data expressing significant changes in your online profile are absolute musts. You can’t argue with numbers!


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